The Pope

The Pope arrives in the USA and is picked up in an armoured limo. Unfortunately, security delays have made them late for his appearance and he instructs his driver to hurry. But even with the drivers best efforts they run even further behind.  The pope grows increasingly upset because he never arrives anywhere late so he instructs the driver to get in the back and let him drive.

The Pope takes the wheel and drives as fast as he can making incredible turns and dodging in and out of traffic when a police officers pulls him over.

Upon approaching the drivers side window and immediately recognizing the Pope, the police officer informs the Pope he was speeding and driving recklessly.  The pope explains “We’re in a very big hurry to appear before an international audience on the most urgent of global matters”.  The officer begs the popes pardon and returns to his car to make a call to headquarters.  “Get me the chief right away!!”  he demands.

“This is the chief, what is the problem?”

“Chief, Ive pulled over a big shot, and Im not so sure what to do here.”

“Who is it, is it the Mayor?” asks the chief.

“Bigger then the Mayer” says the officer.

“Don’t tell me you pulled over the Governor!” asks the chief.

“Bigger then the Governor” says the officer.

“Bigger then the Governor! A Senator? A Congressman?”

“BIGGER” says the officer.

“Well who the hell did you pull over, the President of the United States?!” the chief asks, alarmed.

“Chief, I’m not sure who he is, but his driver is the god damned Pope!”